The Oscar's Loved Boston


Last night at the 79th annual Academy Awards, the Boston mobster flick The Departed walked away with a handful of Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director. The Departed is the first movie filmed in Boston to win Best Picture. This was also a first time win for Director Martin Scorsese. I'm dissapointed Mark Wahlberg didn't win for Best Supporting Actor, he was really great in the movie. If you havn't already seen the movie, I recommend that you do.

Amazon SCAMazon


My roomate recently put a digital camera up for sale on for 80$. To make a long story short some dude from Australia said he'd buy it but he wanted it shipped to Nigeria because it was a gift for a friend and he'd pay the extra $$ for shipping and what not. One week later my poor roomate still hadn't seen any money and after calling both and the attorney general learned that this guy had developed an elaborate scam and her camera was not only gone for good but the 60$ she paid to ship the thing was also gone. People are mean. And to make it worse I think these internet thieves target us money hungry vulnerable college students. Be careful people.


Front Row Green Monster

Well, my name is Lizz. I'm from Falmouth, Mass and I'm a senior here at Plymouth. I transferred here two years ago (my Junior year) from UMass Amherst. I plan to graduate this May, have a wild summer, and then hopefully this Fall I will be shipped off to somewhere in the United States with the AmeriCorps. For those of you who don't know, AmeriCorps is the same thing as the PeaceCorps, only that it's in America and it's only one year rather than two.

After that I want to get my STCW (Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping) and work on a private yacht in the caribbean for a few years.

I looooove the red sox ...I spend most of my money on tickets. Besides going to games I love going to the beach, sailing, boating, (anything related to the ocean), my friends, snowboarding, golf, paaaahtyin wicked haaaad, my dog, buffalo wings, mowing lawns, and airplanes ...just to name a few.