Citizens Bank can go to Hell


I am so sick and tired of citizens bank screwing me over. They take out six bucks every month for some bull**** fee and do it on whatever day they feel like it. I'm in college, my bank account has been as low as 34 cents. Warn me before you take out six dollars. So now I've got -45 because they charge you something outrageous for every day your account is negative (which has only been a day). I wan't to physically walk to the closest citizens bank right now and punch the first teller I see.

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  1. Yeah I totally can realate to your stress, but I'm not sure where the $6 fee is comming from. I get $3 take out to link my savings and checking so if I over draw on one the other is there to back it up. Maybe you should try that. Other wise, I'm sorry to say this, you're pritty much stuck because all banks do stupid charges. I've actually found Citizens bank to be the most resonable.

  2. Sorry to hear that but I love the way you edited the image. I guess im lucking out with bank of america b/c I have yet to be screwed by my bank (knocks on wood). Then again I dont have a savings account so maybe thats why I'm lucky I dont really know though lol. Anyways, time to ask your parents for an early bday gift or something...:) See ya

  3. I have yet to have a problem with Citizens. I like it for its convience here in Plymouth. However, if I wasn't going to school here I would probably use a different bank, such as banknorth where you dont have to really go on a scavanger hunt to find an ATM that will not charge you two dollars to take money out. But the tellers at citizens are usually really nice people so i don't think it would be too nice punch one off their stool and onto the floor. πŸ™‚

    I am always getting overdrawn, and I am sorry, but they are so disorganized...I keep track of how much i am spending, but one slip and you are screwed...and I can't afford the protection they offer.
    40 dollar fees for going 7 cents over?!
    I don't get charged by how many days it has been in negative, though...weird.

  5. I agree one hundred percent about about banks. Its not just citizens bank that screws everyone over.. its ALL banks. They took out random amounts of money from my account.. and it was listed as a POS withdrawal, which was later explained to me as debit card purchases. What debit card purchases?!?! they then told me that i get charged every time i use my debit card. I told them it was crap, and then the teller told me that I shouldnt have opened THAT particular account, and instead I should have opened some Student Checking account.. even though they will still charge me for using a debit card. Use the debit card as "credit card" every time you use it. The debit card companies (who work opposite the banks) charge you for using your PINs... not for signing your names!!!

  6. I love the editted image, its really funny! That sucks that Citizens is like that and takes fees without warning. I have Members First Credit Union and I have yet to have problems with their banking and service. The only drawback to Members First is that they are impossible to find anywhere! There are two in my hometown and one other in Franklin...random! I hate paying those one or two dollar fees for using an ATM that isnt my bank. Banks are supposed to be here to help, yet they seem to make things extremely inconvenient at times.

  7. My bank does the same BS, and I don't know why. I'm sick of it, and I think they should warn you before they do it. It's not like asking the parents for 7 $ is a huge deal, but when you get the lack of funds fee and it turns out to be $45, then it becomes a much more serious problem. Also, I was never told when I signed up that this fee was a part of the deal, and only saw it on my bank statement months after. I think there is something seriously wrong here and you are on to something and it smells like horse*%#^!!

  8. much as this must have sucked, it made me laugh reading it! I'm sorry to hear that happened to you and I think it's really weird that as a student you don't have free checking because that's the norm. I have never had a fee but, I have had a negative balance and it is one of the most stressful feelings when the bills keep rolling in and the cash isn't.

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